IoT/OT Security
Lock it down, Protect it up, and Block the Hackers

IoT/OT Security

We can help secure your IoT and OT connected devices, with organizational measures and processes directed at monitoring and protecting the accessibility and integrity of the systems.

Device Visibility & Classification

We provide continuous discovery of all OT/IoT assets across all networks via integration with network architecture to identify assets as soon as they connect to the network, ascertain where they are connected for effective asset management, and to identify cyber risks before they result in operational or security incidents.

Realtime Monitoring

We provide managed detection and response services for both operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments through in-depth monitoring of IoT/OT networks and device types using both passive and active discovery techniques to identify assets, their location, and their cyber posture, and detect anomalies that keep the business vigilant by quickly identifying critical vulnerabilities and expanding total visibility of threats across the enterprise.

Compliance Management

Our services continuously identify and mitigate risk across all cyber assets in your network, including OT/ICS, and improve the organization’s investment in security tools by assisting in ensuring they are deployed, configured, and working properly, as well as orchestrating communication among them. Referencing the IOC and CVE databases aids in passively identifying any threat to operational continuity and assessing the risk of each connected asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

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