Physical Security Services
Customized Business Security Systems

Physical Security Services

Our team's strong IT knowledge and experience enable us to deliver innovative and customized business security systems. Our high-performing security solutions and services reduce downtime, provide evidentiary-level quality incident capture, enable remote system and alarm monitoring, and, most importantly, improve your security outcomes while reducing management time and cost of ownership.

Monitoring & Video Analytics

The transition from traditional, analogue surveillance technology to IP (digital) surveillance solutions has provided security professionals with far more functionality. The advanced use of Command-and-Control software has paved the way for video analytics and real-time event detection and analysis. Today’s analytics platforms can now offer people counting, heat mapping, facial recognition, and a slew of other features that allow operators to track suspects and discern patterns amid the noise – and without constant human monitoring.

Perimeter Protection Solutions

We build a strong defence, detect critical targets, send out instant alerts, and deter intruders with visual and auditory warnings. We deploy cameras, motion detectors, vibration sensors, anti-terror barriers, and smart fences in a way that provides all-weather target detection and gives response units the time and distance they need to stop intruders while also providing advanced accuracy for high security requirements. Our defence in depth strategy aims to detect and contain threats as much as possible.

Systems Integration

We take a holistic approach to designing and implementing all-inclusive network strategies as a trusted security partner with roots in information technology. We are a seasoned systems integrator with expertise in software and sensor communication protocols. Our team creates system integration that improves and automates security and facility management procedures.

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Our team of dedicated cyber security experts will help you to protect your business from expensive data breaches through our next-gen strong, cohesive cybersecurity strategy that includes security assessments, data protection, and threat mitigation.

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