Digital Forensic Services
Identifying, Acquiring, Processing, Analysing, and Reporting

Digital Forensic Services

As cybercrime is growing at a rapid pace, businesses around the world are increasingly turning to digital forensic investigations and proactive digital fraud prevention measures. Bytetra's expert team of digital forensic investigators provides an extensive range of services that can assist you in analysing and identifying attack patterns and vulnerabilities across the organization's computer system, IT, and mobile phone networks, as well as forensically preserving those evidence of the attacks for later use in court against the criminals involved.

Computer Forensics Services

IT devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices are critical to the operation of an organisation and may become a key piece of evidence if a digital crime is suspected and potentially associated with a user, such as data theft, IP theft, accounting fraud, employee fraud, and so on. Our services assist organisations in analysing meta data and isolating and preserving evidences containing important clues and information so that they remain forensically uncompromised.

Mobile Forensics Services

If devices used to commit a crime against an individual or a business are seized, they may contain a wealth of data that can be used to prove the individual’s intentions or actions. This is where our mobile device forensics service can help. The information stored on a mobile phone, like that on a computer, is frequently accessible, even if the owner has attempted to wipe the data to avoid detection. Our services assist in recovering data from SIM cards to memory cards to aid in investigations.

IT Forensics Services

While computers and mobile phones are endpoints in a company’s data and communications infrastructure, most attacks target the organization’s critical information, such as network services, information systems, financial systems, databases, eCommerce services, and email systems, to name a few. On the occurrence of a suspicious event, our services can quickly attempt to identify the compromised elements of the IT infrastructure, isolate them, and forensically preserve the data evidence for analysis, as well as proactively assist internal IT staff in identifying company-wide IT vulnerabilities.

Data Analytics

Because data is essential to the operation of any organisation, it is regarded as a strategic asset that must be safeguarded. Data compromise or theft can be detected by organisations through routine audits or automated processes that detect anomalies in data access and use. Our services assist in determining how structured data is stored and accessed in specific areas. Forensic data analysis assists organisations in transitioning from reactive risk mitigation to proactive risk mitigation, where our advanced analytics tools help improve systems, process security, and compliance.

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