Managed  Security Services
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Managed Security Services

Our extensive Managed Security Services offer round-the-clock monitoring, management, and response to advanced threats that will help you build a cyber-resilient organization with utmost commitment.

Cyber Defence Center

We can help your security teams by detecting and responding to a number of alerts and incidents from increasingly sophisticated and aggressive threats faster – without adding complexity to your existing security infrastructure – with our next-generation Cyber Defense Center.

IAM as a Service

We offer IAM as a service model to assist customers in reducing enterprise costs and improving time to market. Built on the Zero Trust model and Digital Identity resiliency, it aids in the establishment of trust at scale while enabling you to detect and respond to insider threats, data exfiltration, privilege escalation, privileged account abuse and credential compromise.

Security Platform Management

We provide your security teams with a fully managed service to build, tune, and operate key cybersecurity investments such as SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, and threat intelligence solutions, among others, to their full potential, which they frequently struggle with because they do not always have the time or advanced expertise to tune to fit their objectives

Brand Monitoring

Our brand monitoring service keeps a constant eye on multiple sources to identify and report on exposed brand assets. Platform reports of brand threats such as phishing sites, bogus domains, bogus customer service numbers, and rogue mobile applications that are critical to your business’s success and identity.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our threat intelligence service is a proactive way to build a concrete defense that has an efficient process for collecting, processing, analysing, and disseminating threat and actionable data – in a way that does not overwhelm security teams with false positives and can notify you of significant, targeted threats and exposures across multiple attack vectors so that you can take immediate action to stay protected.

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

With our efficient security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution, you can accomplish more in less time by building out various automation processes while still allowing for human decision-making when it is most critical and focusing your resources on the most impactful work rather than getting bogged down in manual, recurring, time-consuming tasks.

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Our team of dedicated cyber security experts will help you to protect your business from expensive data breaches through our next-gen strong, cohesive cybersecurity strategy that includes security assessments, data protection, and threat mitigation.

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