Vulnerability Management Services
Protecting Against Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management Services

Our Vulnerability Management Services helps you to accurately detect, classify, investigate, and fix vulnerabilities, with our customized and prioritised remediation strategies.

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services offer a more detailed view of the threats to an organization’s applications, enabling it to better protect its systems and data from malicious attacks. By using our services, IT security teams can focus on mitigating critical vulnerabilities while we proactively discover and classifies them.

Red Teaming Services

Our Red teaming Security services are a method of testing policies, plans, assumptions, and systems by white hat hackers in order to mimic the possible actions of miscreants. It is a multi-layered attack simulation that evaluates how well an organization’s systems and people are equipped to deal with an actual cyber-attack. This simulates a very real scenario of how the organization would fare in the event of an attack in the near future.

Web Application VAPT

The three major steps in our Web application penetration testing are information gathering, research and exploitation, reporting, and recommendations. These tests, based on OWASP top 10, are designed to ensure the security of software code development throughout its lifecycle. Knowing the various attacks that could make an application vulnerable, as well as the potential outcomes of an attack, facilitates your organization to address vulnerabilities in advance and test for them accurately

Mobile Application VAPT

Our mobile application VAPT services assist organizations in identifying and protecting against vulnerabilities in code, system, application, database, and APIs. Many apps that are frequently released may contain inherent bugs that expose organisational data. This service assists in identifying such vulnerabilities and ensuring that it is secure enough for use in organisations.

API Security

Because APIs are at the heart of many applications, our API security testing ensures that basic security requirements, such as user access, encryption, and authentication concerns, are met. It is critical to an organization’s overall security to ensure that APIs adhere to published specifications and are resistant to bad and potentially malicious input.

Source Code Analysis

Our Secure code review is a manual or automated process that examines the source code of an application. The purpose of this audit is to find any existing security flaws or vulnerabilities. Tools like Static application security testing (SAST), which are compatible with many development environments such as GitHub and GitLab, provide inputs in addition to manual reviews, assisting developers in finding and fixing vulnerabilities

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